The first specialized store for runners - Run’n More - was opened in Belgrade in 2016 and is the only one of its kind in the region. It is intended for professional runners and running groups, but also for beginners.

The original Run’n More concept offers complete support to runners as they select the best footwear and gear. Avid runners can scan their feet on a special foot scanner in the Run’n More store; they can check their pronation and use it to determine which running shoe model is specifically made for their type of foot and pronation. In this process, they are supported by our expert staff who are all runners and who are happy to share running experiences.

Run’n More has also established itself as a special place for all those who want to kick off their run from the store. There is a “locker room” available, meaning that runners can change, run their route and then go back to their daily obligations.

Innovative and technically most advanced equipment of world-renowned brands - Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Hoka, Asics, Mizuno and Saucony are all on offer at this store.

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