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Sport Vision, as a leading retail chain in the region, has strategic partnership with Nike, New Balance, North Face and Helly Hansen, adidas, Reebok, Under Armour, Converse, Colmar, Timberland... Sport Vision has its own License department with licensed and distribution rights for Champion, Umbro, Lotto, Ellesse and many others.


Nike brand is dedicated to revolutionary sports innovation, by creating a positive impact in the communities it operates in.

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Sport plays an important part in the lives of people, on the field and off it, and everything Adidas does is rooted in sports.

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Under Armour

Fastest-growing brand in the athletic gear category; unlike the world’s largest brands, its history is far shorter.

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Reebok International Ltd is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of sports, fitness, lifestyle footwear, apparel and equipment.

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New Balance

New Balance is an American brand from Boston, established over a century ago as a running brand.

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Champion is an American brand of sports apparel. In the first decades of its existence, the brand’s products were worn by professional players.

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Ellesse is a brand with a powerful legacy. It was one of the first brands to weave the logo right into their models, as a vital element.

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Puma is a German brand, one of the leading sporting goods producers. The company produces basketball, football, running, workout and golf sports gear.

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Umbro is an original British brand, founded in Manchester, focused from its very start on producing football gear.

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Colmar is an Italian brand based on sports, elegance, technology and passion. The focus is on ski and golf gear.

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Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is one of the best-known Norwegian brands and one of the oldest brands in the world. It dates back to 1877.

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North Face

The brand was established in California and its name symbolizes that the north face of a mountain is always the coldest and the toughest route to climb.

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Japanese brand for sports enthusiasts, striving for the balance of spirit and body. Its extraordinary dedication to innovation and technological development in the footwear and sports equipment industries have taken it one step beyond, as the brand opened its Institute for science and sport, where scientists, coaches and athletes work together.

Hoka is the fastest-growing manufacturer of running shoes. Hoka sneakers allow your feet to move naturally, with maximum comfort. They are surprisingly light, which gives you the feeling that you are running just above the ground.

The favorite brand of skate boarders and those who prefer the casual style. Converse is well known for its signature sneaker design, its star logo present on all models and its rounded upper. It is particularly popular as an apparel manufacturer for those who prefer a trendy urban style.

For over a century, Mizuno has been proving its dedication to sports through high quality products intended for every athlete and their individual path to success. The brand was established in 1906 in Japan and its range includes sports gear for almost every sport.

Renowned Italian brand, founded in 1939 and recognizable for its production of sports shoes and apparel for tennis, football, volleyball and athletics. The brand is sold in over 100 countries world-wide.

Salomon is the leader and innovator in the industry of footwear and apparel for adventurers and hikers, known around the world. It was formed in 1947 at the heart of the French Alps and is now available in over 160 countries world-wide. Salomon’s heritage and dedication are linked to a simple concept: the best gear for climbing mountains is produced by people who live in the mountains.

The most famous model of the Timberland brand - the renowned yellow boots - date back to 1973; in time, they became a staple for all those who enjoy outdoor activities. Popular Timberland products are intended for an active lifestyle and are steeped in the tradition of hand crafting, functionality and recognizable style.

Fila was established in Italy, over a century ago, and in 2003 it was bought by an American investment fund and later sold to the owner of the Fila license in Korea. At the beginning, the brand produced apparel for the local population and later expanded to tennis, baseball, basketball and football gear. In recent years, the brand began collaborating with fashion brands and became one of the most popular brands among the youth.

Saucony was established in Pennsylvania, only two years after the first Olympic marathon and a year after the first Boston marathon. With an extremely long tradition in running shoe production, it represents one of the best-established brands when it comes to running gear. The brand’s name comes from the word “saconk”, meaning “where two rivers flow together”.

Icepeak believes that the best of times is the time you spend with your family and friends outdoors, in sports activities. Founded in 1996 in Finland, it is one of the largest manufacturers of trendy apparel for everyday activities and sports.

Skechers is an American brand founded in 1992, best known for its lifestyle range, footwear specifically made from memory foam, the humanitarian range BOBS, specifically designed comfortable footwear for everyday activities, but also for sports shoes Skechers GO RUN and Skechers GO WALK. The popular categories of Skechers’ products include the accessories needed for an active lifestyle - bags, watches and eye wear.

Ipanema got its name from one of the most exotic and most beautiful Brazilian beaches. Brazilian casual lifestyle and love for fashion is visible in the design of footwear intended for walks on the beach. The brand’s production pays a lot of attention to innovative technologies. Dedication to sustainable development can be seen from the fact that they use at least a third of recycled material in their production.

Head is a sports brand producing alpine skiing and tennis gear. Novak Djokovic is among the famous tennis players sponsored by Head: in 2012, he won the Australian Open wearing the brand’s gear.

As the world leader in navigation devices, Garmin is committed to designing superior products which become essential parts of their client’s lives. Their exceptionally wide portfolio encompasses vehicle navigation, instruments for sailing and aviation, sports equipment that is an essential piece of gear for athletes and enthusiasts of all levels, such as: sports watches (running, swimming, golf), advanced cyclocomputers and multisport GPD smartwatches.

Speedo is one of the oldest international brands owing its long-standing success to keeping up with innovations and implementation of modern production technologies. It was the first to introduce nylon elastane into the production of swimsuits, which remains, to this day, the most popular choice of material for swimwear.

Lonsdale primarily focuses on boxing and martial arts gear. Established in London in 1960, it has a long tradition of producing high quality martial sports gear.

Slazenger, the English brand, is one of the oldest sports brands in the world, founded in 1881. They produce sports apparel for tennis, golf, cricket and hockey. Back in 1902, the brand sponsored Wimbledon, which is still played using Slazender’s tennis ball, in a sponsorship that has never been broken off to this day.

New Era was founded in 1920. Ehrhardth Koch, New Era’s founder, brought about a revolution in head accessories such as hats, caps and baseball hats. In the first year of their existence alone, they produced over 60,000 of the then-popular model Gatsby. In the following decade, they produced the first baseball caps and, a little later, the legendary model 59 fifty. After numerous collaborations with baseball teams, in 2012 New Era became the official NFL, and then also NBA partner.

Molten’s slogan “Produced for real play” best describes the brand’s commitment to creating sports apparel and footwear that helps professionals and recreational athletes reach their peak. Perfectionism, curiosity and dedication to innovative technologies contribute to the high-quality of Molten’s products.

The famous brand’s first range of swimsuits Skintech intended for professional swimmers was made back in 1973, using the most contemporary technologies and ultralight material, weighing only 18 grams. The material’s lightweight touch made swimmers feel extremely comfortable. Arena confirmed its dominance in creating the best swimsuits by cooperating with the best and most prominent athletes, those who had won numerous Olympic medals. Dedication to professional swimming also turned the brand to the production of swimming accessories, such as swimming caps and specially designed eye wear.

Crocks lists the comfort if its models as its main trait. Since 2002, the brand has reached 90 countries in the world and sold over 300 million pairs of the popular shoe model, with its specific design and exceptional lightness aimed at all those who prize comfort above all else.

McDavid produces sports gear for the protection of professional athletes and apparel for different sports, all aimed at preventing injuries and ensuring top performance. Today, McDavid’s products top the charts of gear recommended by professionals, sports medicine specialists and sport coaches.

Since its foundation in 1950 in Japan, the brand has been active not only as a producer of table tennis gear, but also as a sponsor of top athletes and sports tournaments; the brand also launches clubs that are active in this sport.

A line of comfortable footwear is produced in an environmentally conscious installation in Brazil. The design is inspired by sports and fashion trends. It offers comfort and strength in its shoes and versatility in its sandals. It was developed to conforms to your foot as you walk.

Merell is best known for its specially designed, incredibly lightweight hiking footwear. Comfort and the special M-select technology used in the production of outdoor apparel make this brand an excellent choice.

Stance is an American producer of socks, t-shirts and underwear. The brand is aimed at those who leave nothing to chance and are prepared to be different. Their models are worn by famous athletes, but also culture trail blazers. Punk rockers and poets are equally Stance’s crowd, in over 40 countries world-wide.

Crep Protect is the world’s largest footwear care products. Their innovative approach brought them recognition as the fastest growing independent company in the United Kingdom from Sunday Times, while Financial Times pronounced them the fastest growing fashion brand. It is available in 52 countries world-wide.

The brand was founded in 1978 and already in the first years of its existence it became one of European’s favorite brands, known for its excellent ratio of quality and price. One of the first athletes to wear Kronos sneakers was the legendary basketball player Drazen Petrovic. In addition to basketball shoes, they are also active in the production of football and lifestyle gear.

Babolat is a company from Lyon, France and is the oldest manufacturer of racket sports equipment. It offers a wide range of tennis and badminton gear, with the idea to have an answer for every play style.

Founded in 2017, with headquarters in Milan, the Italian start-up company ACBC (Anything Can Be Changed) has positioned itself on the global market as a brand with a futuristic vision and an innovative approach to product making.

Founded in 1981 in Germany, Jack Wolfskin soon became synonymous with quality and high standards when it came to the outdoor collections.

As a leading brand, based in Portland, Oregon, Columbia has been creating innovative footwear, clothing and equipment for nature adventure fans since 1938.

When it comes to sports, a legendary Finnish brand managed to go down in history as a pioneer in technology development field and to become the leading manufacturer of running shoes, in a very short time.

Juicy Couture is an LA lifestyle brand infused with casual glamor and an irreverent attitude, designed for girls all over the world.

A perfect blend of style and functionality, tailored for individuals who are always on the move and those who follow the latest trends – the story of the MONT brand begins back in 1955.