Privacy policy

Sport Vision Group (the Company or us) within which high standards of business management and transparency are established and implemented, which imply the responsible, lawful and ethically grounded behavior of all Sport Vision Group legal entities, including respect for privacy and protection of personal data.

According to the above standards, the Company collects and processes personal data lawfully, fairly and transparently by the applicable regulations and takes appropriate technical and organizational measures aimed at protecting personal data from unauthorized access and misuse.

The Company is aware that the protection of personal information is important to our users and respondents. Therefore, we want to show you what personal information we collect, how we manage it, and how we care about protecting it.

Purpose, scope and legal basis of processing

Personal information is collected for specific, explicit and lawful purposes, to the extent necessary, and processed in a manner consistent with those purposes.

The Company will only collect and process personal information when permitted by law:

Processing is necessary to comply with legal obligations;

When the respondent has permitted to process his or her data;

Processing is necessary to execute the contract in which the respondent is a party or to take action at the request of the respondent before the conclusion of the contract;

Processing is necessary to protect the key interests of the respondent or another natural person;

Processing is necessary for the legitimate interests of the Company or its affiliates.

Collection and use of personal information

Personal information is information that identifies you directly or indirectly, such as your name, email, phone number, IP address or mailing address.

The Company does not collect your personal information unless you explicitly provide such information (e.g. by requesting a specific product or service, concluding a contract or requesting specific actions before concluding a contract, engaging in loyalty programs, applying for electronic newsletters, participating in surveys and competitions, ordering samples or brochures, asking for donations, as well as seeking information, submitting a CV or an open offer, or applying for job openings, as well as employment in our company…).

We collect, store, use, or transmit your personal information to the extent - content and time - required in a particular case, e.g. to respond to your queries, fulfill your requirements, inform you about our products, perform a contractual obligation or necessary action before entering into a contract, or fulfill our other legal or legal obligations. For these reasons, the Company sometimes has to transfer personal information to other companies within the Sport Vision Group and affiliates or to external providers for further processing. Service providers may, for example, be hired in the context of call center services, goods shipment, and distribution of advertising material. The Company requires from these parties the acceptance of applicable legal regulations, compliance with our instructions, and compliance with our internal rules on personal data protection, as well as requirements for the implementation of adequate organizational and technical protection measures. For the same reasons, sometimes your data will have to be transferred to other EU or non-EU countries, with the Company ensuring that such transfer is in full compliance with the law and with all available and appropriate personal data protection measures.

The Company warrants that it will not sell your personal information to anyone and that it will not forward or lend your personal information to a third party, unless necessary to fulfill the specific purpose for which you gave it to us, or warrant that your information will not be given to any unauthorized person to the recipient.

Your personal information may need to be provided to a competent public authority if required by law or other binding regulations.

The data collected will be kept for as long as necessary, for the purpose for which it was collected, or within the time limit by the applicable regulations.

Use of personal information for advertising and marketing purposes

When your personal information is used for advertising and marketing purposes by applicable legal regulations in the area of personal data protection, your information will be stored and used for that purpose, e.g. to send newsletters, product samples, invitations to participate in the contest, via email or mail, or other communication channel you have accepted.

If your personal information will be used to send individual (you) customized advertisements and promotions through the creation and maintenance of a user profile, you will be informed in advance, ie before sending such advertisements and promotions, and we will certainly request such processing of personal data before such processing or your special, explicit and informed consent.

We will use your information as necessary to analyze and improve the effectiveness of our Internet services, advertising, marketing, market research, and sales efforts, through surveys or other queries, or in a way that will ensure that your personal information is anonymized and can't connect to face.

Exercise of Respondents' Rights

At any time you may ask us for information about your data that we process or request correction of it, you may request that you cease using or deleting your data or withdrawing your authorization for all or some purposes (except when this is not possible, e.g. if it involves the processing of data for statistical purposes when personal data no longer allow identification), that is, the transfer of data to another processing leader under legal conditions or to unsubscribe from receiving our information and promotional materials.

You may also object to the use of your personal information in situations that we base on the existence of our legitimate interest, and certainly when we use it for direct marketing purposes.

For our part, we will take the utmost care and reasonable care that your personal information you make available to us is properly recorded, but it is your responsibility to keep it accurate and please update it regularly and in time, or submit a change request to us or correction.

To exercise all your rights and obligations about the use of personal information, you may contact the email address or the registered office of the Company, which are listed on the website.

When contacting and making these requests, we will make reasonable efforts to verify your identity and prevent unauthorized processing of your personal information.

Upon receipt of your request, we will carry out the requested activity within a specified period, and no later than 30 days after receipt, so we will notify you of the same if necessary, all by the law.

Data security

We have implemented technical and organizational measures to prevent your data from being lost, tampered with, stolen or accessed by unauthorized third parties, or any unauthorized processing. Access to your personal information is limited to those employees who need this information in the provision of our services, that is, in resolving your query. We continually educate our employees on the importance of confidentiality and the protection of privacy and the protection of your information. We only collect data that is necessary for the subject processing and we do not store it further than is necessary, that is, determined by legal regulations.

You may sometimes find links to other web sites or portals on our web site, and we may also offer social networking features that allow you to share personal information on social networks. We recommend that you be aware of the rules for protecting the personal data of these portals or social networks or third parties, as well as the security measures are taken, as they may differ from these rules and our actions, and for which we cannot we will be responsible.


Although we take the available technical, organizational and personnel measures to protect personal information from accidental or intentional misuse, destruction, loss, unauthorized alteration or access, we cannot guarantee that some of the personal information we collect will never be accidentally disclosed, contrary to the terms of these privacy policies.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, we exclude liability for damage to users or third parties by accidental disclosure of personal information.

Because we do not have control over the personal information you provide when accessing or using other portals, or directly to third parties (e.g. when participating in sponsored activities), to the maximum extent permitted by law, we exclude liability for damage that may occur to you or third parties due to the submission of personal information.

Updates and changes

We reserve the right to change or update portions of these rules at any time without notice. Please visit our web site from time to time for updates or updates to the Policy. We will indicate the date on which the current version of the Rule will apply.

These rules were last modified on 01. 01. 2020.