Tike Reopening

Tike Shop, better known as the Belgrade “Sneaker Temple”, is a specialized shop for the sale of limited sneakers collections, in front of which crowds are created when certain models are released. Tike now expanded to another sales level, where fans of this unique brand will be able to enjoy limited wardrobe collections.


1,000 NEW OAKS FOR A HEALTHIER FUTURE: Another EcoVision initiative successfully realized

Another in a series of initiative that we carry out as part of the eco project, has been successfully completed. On Thursday, March 16, in a protected Section of exceptional quality “Avala”, we planted 1,000 sessile oak saplings, which will be a part of Avala in the future and contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.



Nike Air Force 1 celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. On this occasion, in the Belgrade sneaker temple, on November 19, 2022, there was a creative workshop during which the best local customizers painted sneakers on the theme of this anniversary and Belgrade.

In addition to the workshop, a Crack The Code activation was held in the Tike shop, in which visitors had the opportunity to use knowledge and a little luck to guess the code of the safe containing the key that opens the display case with AF1 models.


Sneakerville Festival 2022

Sneakerville, the biggest urban culture festival in the Balkans, on October 23, 2022, gathered almost 25,000 visitors in the Port of Belgrade, who traditionally had the opportunity to enjoy the expectedly good all-day program. In addition to the most famous brands that presented their legendary models, the festival day passed with great musical and stage performances, gaming competitions, but also with the excellent support of local Street Food crafters.